Green trail – Easy rolling trail that suits beginner and children. The rider should be comfortable using brakes, have a decent level of balance and be able to start and stop in a slope.

Blue trail – Intermediate trail which can contain rocks, tree roots, and simpler rollable jumps. Blue trails are also suitable for beginners that want to take the next step as MTB rider.

Red trail – Hard fast trail with natural and built features. Steep sections and jumps occur and requires good speed and air control of the rider.

Black trail – Very hard trail for advanced riders. With steep sections, big rocks, tree roots and advanced jumps. Requires very high skill level of the rider.


To go biking in the park you need to buy a trail pass even when we are not open. Purchase the trail pass in the shop or online at


  • Always use helmet

Except from helmet we strongly recommend using back, elbow and knee protection.

  • Ride at your own risk

All riding at Vallåsen Bike Park is at your own risk. If you go riding during closed hours, be aware of maintenance workers on the trails.

Important information

Do not bike if you see signs with the text “Jakt pågår” (hunting season).

IN CASE OF ACCIDENT – CALL (0046) 54-203 33 60

A bike turned upside down in the trail is set up to indicate accident. Slow down, be careful and help out if needed. To avoid accidents, stop where you are clearly visible

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